Therefore Integration

Principle Suite and Therefore together make up the Canon QMS.

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Therefore Integration

Principle Suite and Therefore together make up the Canon QMS.

Thereforeā„¢ information management software enables you to store, manage and process all kinds of business information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your organization.

Canon QMS provides your business with a modular set of business applications, providing your business with easy to use, customisable Document Management, Policy Control, Process compliance and route cause analysis. Enabling you to close the loop for corrective actions in real-time.

  • All Quality Control, Operational documents and real-time checks for compliance are linked together within a single system, enabling organisations to automate heavy manual processes and optimize quality and auditing.
  • Drive continuous improvement across all areas of your business with this user-friendly QMS and Record Management System.
  • Quickly Scan Production, Test and Dispatch Documentation using our automatic recognition module. All Documents Accurately identified and indexed automatically by key filing references on the document and stored for the retention period.

An easy to use, scalable quality management and process system, with our unique real-time paperless capture.

The solution can be used to capture and manage any information and documentation, as well as for the real-time processing of related data across multiple companies or locations. We provide our customers with a fully customisable system that ensures business-critical information is available in real-time. If your business is still capturing any processes or procedures on paper, please contact us for a free consultation.

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