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Principle Suite & File Stream

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File Stream Integration

Principle Suite and File Stream - The complete compliance solution

File Stream Document Management Software’s adaptability can be used to enhance and work alongside current office procedures. Many customers find they can replace existing, outdated (often expensive) software or use the Product and WEB API tools to integrate File Stream with other software programs. In addition to its core function, it can be used as a basic contact management or support-call logging system.

Principle Suite & File Stream offers users many flexible indexing options (including manual tagging and OCR – Optical Character Recognition) as well as a variety of powerful retrieval capabilities for all documents (paper and existing electronic files)

  • All Quality Control, Operational documents and real-time checks for compliance are linked together within a single system, enabling organisations to automate heavy manual processes and optimize quality and auditing.
  • Drive continuous improvement across all areas of your business with this user-friendly solution.
  • Quickly Scan Production, Test and Dispatch Documentation using our automatic recognition module. All Documents Accurately identified and indexed automatically by key filing references on the document and stored for the retention period.

Unlike many other document management software systems, ALL File Stream users have access to ALL standard program features unless the system administrator decides otherwise. Our RBAC (Role Based Access Control) functionality allows permissions to be set at document level. File Stream Document Management takes a very flexible approach to licensing in an effort to make sure customers can specify a system that best suits their needs. We offer both Fixed and concurrent options. It also operates in Terminal Services and Citrix environments.

The solution can be used to capture and manage any information and documentation, as well as for the real-time processing of related data across multiple companies or locations. We provide our customers with a fully customisable system that ensures business-critical information is available in real-time. If your business is still capturing any processes or procedures on paper, please contact us for a free consultation.

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