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Canon UK & Ireland launch QMS on the 29th of April.

Canon UK & Ireland launch QMS into their partner channel

Canon UK & Ireland launch QMS into their partner channel

It was ‘all aboard the Technology Express’ at a conference in Glasgow on 29 April on the Quality Management and Compliance Challenge.

The conference was hosted by Aspen Business Services, Canon (UK and Ireland) and Applied Principles.

Applied Principles Managing Director JJ Kotze and Canon Solutions Business Consultant Peter Mulholland gave an overview of the constantly evolving challenges in the critical areas of Quality Control, Production Control, Health and Safety, Site Inspection, Supplier Audit, Internal Audit, Hygiene Control, ISO/BSI/BRC Compliance, and records management.

In an environment where pressures are increasing, but resources to manage the process are decreasing, the speakers warned that companies were risking fines, reduced productivity and even a loss of reputation if they were not efficiently managing these processes.

Guests were then introduced to Canon’s Quality Management and Compliance Solution: Paperless, Anytime, Anywhere, which is designed to manage Quality Assurance, strengthen Compliance and mitigate Risk.

QMS is now part of the Canon Partner Channel portfolio, and host company Aspen Business Services chose the day of the conference to launch QMS, and become the first Partner. 

Aspen Business Services are Canon’s only Scottish mono-branded and fully accredited provider of print, managed print services, scanning solutions, information and document management software.

Aspen Business Services Director Stuart Miller commented: We’re delighted to add Principle Suite to our portfolio of products, and we’re also encouraged by the positive response from our customers regarding QMS.  We’ve already booked six meetings on the back of the technology day.  It seems that companies have latched on quickly to the significant benefits this smart technology can offer them in these critical areas.’

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Stuart Miller
Aspen Business Solutions


JJ Kotze
Applied Principles Ltd